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Portfolio-Based Language Assessment (PBLA):Best Practices Guide for Programs and Teachers 





PBLA (Portfolio-Based Language Assessment)

by J.Pettis 






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Lesson Plan: Beggars


I. Warmer: Watch the video and think about what is happening in the video.







II. Interview your friend and record the interview on Vocaroo.

Once you have finished, save it as an MP3 File and send it to you teacher at




Here are some questions to consider.Take a few minutes and think about them. Read the questions with the appropriate intonation and answer them providing as many details as possible.


III. Watch the video again and write a paragraph about it. 

Why did people begin giving money and why were they not giving anything before? What is more important: the words you are using or how you are saying them? Why do you think so?


IV.Read the story The Offering and pay attention to the words in bold type.


V. Vocabulary Exercises 

a) Find the meaning of the words in bold type. Use an English Dictionary.




b) Match the words on the left with the definitions on the right.

VI. Re-tell the story to your friend. Use reported speech.


V.Class Discussion:Homeless

South Eastman English and Literacy